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Bee Removal & Relocation

How do live bee removals benefit my town?

Live bee removals, in which native honeybees are kept alive and relocated instead of exterminated, are a great aid to Arizona’s natural ecosystems. We know of the important role native honeybees play in pollinating agricultural crops throughout the United States, but we often take for granted their job of pollinating many of the native plants that serve as habitat and food sources for our wildlife across the nation.

Bordering South Mountain and South Mountain Park, Ahwatukee has been known for its wild and park land preservation efforts, as well as being a favorite designation for hikers. Ahwatukee’s neighboring wild land is home to hundreds of desert plant species. Desert plants naturally produce a higher concentration of nectar to attract pollinators. This trait of desert plants benefit honeybees and it allows these plants to propagate and thrive in such a water limited climate. Desert plants depend on native bees for good health and vitality, and in turn they provide bees with the sustenance needed to continue their pollinating work. We are glad to serve the beautiful Ahwatukee.

Live bee removal is a service that gives back to Ahwatukee. Because live bee removals aim to save bees so that they can continue pollination, live bee removals also assist in the natural side effect of honeybee pollination: a healthier environment. Thank you for reading and for giving bees a chance!

Bee Removal Ahwatukee, Arizona

Kyle’s Bees Bee Removal provides live bee removal and bee relocation services to the local Ahwatukee, Arizona region. If you hear a buzz and are in need of a bee removal, contact us and give bees a chance. We will be sure no harm comes to you or our honey making friends! Click here for a full list and description of our bee removal services and price listing.

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