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From Kyle's Bees:

"Native" honeybees are a different breed of honeybee than European honeybees. Virtually all honeybees in Arizona became Africanized by the late 1990s as a result of cross breeding between the Africanized honeybees that migrated from Mexico and European Honeybees that were already in Arizona. The Africanized bee is now considered our "native" honeybee.  We know from years of experience that feral/native honeybees are more challenging to keep because of their wild nature which includes increased aggression, increased likelihood of swarming, and even an increased potential to leave the hive altogether. Its because of these behaviors that most commercial beekeepers don't want and don't know how to work with these native bees.

Pollinators account for 1 in 3 bites of our food supply and bees are responsible for over 80% of our vegetative crops. If it weren’t for honeybees, it would be much more difficult to get the pollination required to make farming economically viable. That is why Kyle’s Bees believes it is crucial to keep native bees alive.

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About Live Bee Removal

Live Bee Removal vs. Extermination

Native honeybees are recognized by scientists around the world as critical contributors to our economy, food system, and environmental health.  Pollinators help flowering plants grow, making ecosystems stronger and more resilient, which is indispensable in the desert state of Arizona. Pollinator and honeybee loss is a proven and growing nationwide issue. When it is possible to chose live bee removal over extermination, we help ease the plight of the honeybee. Live bee removals is a bee rescue service in which an expert technician removes your bees, and relocates them to a new home (farm, wild land, or apiary) where the bees can continue their work. Extermination is sometimes necessary where the protection of people, pets, or livestock must be the priority. Call us and we will provide information of both of these services.

About Kyle’s Bees

An Arizona Live Bee Removal & Bee Relocation Company
Kyle's Bees is an Arizona Bee Removal and Bee Relocation Company founded in 2007 by Kyle Forsyth, a local beekeeper and Arizona native. Kyle's Bees safely removes and relocates honeybees in conflict with human activity in local Arizona communities and homes. We have a 100% success rate on all bee removal performed to date. The Kyle's Bees live bee removal workforce consists of technicians, beekeepers, and scientists dedicated to the preservation of the declining honeybee population.

 About the Founder of Kyle's Bees, Kyle Forsyth
Arizona Beekeeper

Kyle Forsyth, the founder of Kyle’s Bees, has been working with native honeybees since 2007 as a beekeeper and public figure raising awareness regarding the dwindling honeybee population, pollinator losses, and the negative impacts this crisis has had on both the environment and the nation’s economy. Kyle was inspired to start a live bee removal and relocation company to preserve more honeybees and gradually shift public awareness regarding the importance of bees to our health and the environment's health.

Timeline of Services
Kyle’s Bees, an Arizona Live Bee Removal and Bee Relocation Company, began when local beekeeper Kyle Forsyth partnered with other local beekeepers and researchers to start a beekeeping cooperative in Northern Arizona. Bees collected from live bee removals and donations were set up in apiaries used for honey production and the pollination of community gardens and farms. In the years to follow, Kyle devoted his time to learning and working with native bees through bee removals, beekeeping, mentorship, travel, public speaking and education, and working directly with other beekeepers and experts in the field.

2010-2014: From 2010 to 2014, Kyle met and worked with Gary Nabhan, PhD and other farmers and beekeepers on a special project to improve Arizona's pollination rates. Gary Nabhan is a lecturer, writer, world renown conservation scientist, agricultural ecologist, ethnobotanist, and Ecumenical Franciscan Brother. The pollinator restoration project was also aimed at increasing crop yield and crop health via wild honeybee pollination. At the time, Kyle kept his bee apiaries on a 165 acre farm in Southern Arizona. Kyle kept 30 hives consisting of bees he gathered solely through live bee removals. Kyle's bees were responsible for the pollination of this farm and they produced over 65 gallons of honey annually. Kyle's efforts played an integral role in building and setting up food production gardens within the farm that also functioned as neighboring habitats for his pollinating apiaries. Kyle's efforts made it possible  for this local farm to become certified as a farm hosting “Bee Friendly Gardens.”

2014 - Present: In 2015 Kyle's Bee Removal started offering bee removal service in Phoenix and all surrounding cities. Since that time we have successfully performed thousands of bee removals.